My child has problems with maths and needs hands-on experiences. How can this be done online? 

Using concrete materials is vital for children to develop an understanding of Maths.  It helps them create a visual image of what numbers or shapes look like, what the magnitude of numbers looks like and how our place value system works. 
However, unlike five years ago when there were not a lot of online maths manipulatives available, there are now many high quality resources available to teachers.  Your tutor will use these and enable your child to access her computer to use them too.  These tools are great for helping your child to visualise concepts and still have that 'hands on' experience even though they are working over the internet. 

​It is also a good idea to obtain (second hand is OK) some manipulatives for your child to handle during the sessions and for the follow up activities at home.  Your tutor will suggest which ones will be best for your child.
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