Parent Testimonials

Getting Diane Clark, from Tutoring Services (Australia), to tutor your child  can make a big difference to his / her learning.  
Read some of the comments from other parents whose children Diane has tutored.

How has Diane Clark from Tutoring Services helped other students? 
Read these comments from other parents.

Di is an inspirational and dedicated tutor.  The progress she has made with our daughter has been truly remarkable.  At age 7, our daughter was reading at pre-primary level.  Now, at age 10, she is reading age 10 appropriate books.  Our daughter’s confidence and self–worth has flourished because of Di.  She thinks Di is great because “she makes everything fun” and “helps me stay on track”.  Thank you Di, we couldn’t have got this far without you! 
Diane has been supporting my daughter’s learning in both literacy and numeracy for 3 years and in my daughter’s words, 'Without Mrs Clark, I would be in the middle of nowhere!' Diane is highly experienced and engages her students in fun and imaginative ways. She is kind and patient and always provides constructive feedback to parents.
The improvement in my daughter’s ability and understanding of her school work has been immeasurable but more importantly, her confidence in and attitude towards her learning has been priceless.
Diane is known in our house as our very own ‘secret weapon’ to use against the struggles associated with learning difficulties!
Just wanted to say how lucky we are to have you tutoring K. Last night K did his homework reading the 3 paragraphs and I could not believe how well he did reading it. He was so enthusiastic we had to read it again this morning before school. So lovely to see him progressing and so positive about reading. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job with him we really appreciate everything you do.

Tracy H

Chris W

Di Clark is truly an amazing teacher! She has helped M come along leaps and bounds across every aspect of his education, and now looks forward to going to school when he can get there.  The difference in his year 5 Naplan compared to his year 3 is enormous and we truly appreciate everything she helps on a weekly basis for him to achieve especially when he misses soo much school due to his illnesses and procedures.  Thank you soo much! 
During our working relationship I observed her developing a good rapport with the parents of the children she tutored.  As a result she was well liked by them and their children who she nurtured with her gentle, caring and supportive nature.  She put in 100% effort into all she did whilst working with us.

Katherine G.

Dianne F.

Mel E